Minimum Experience: An experienced professional with a minimum of ten years of business management experience. Experience with a strategic management consulting firm is preferred, but not required

Education: A Master’s degree in business, public policy, public affairs or related field is preferred

Unfortunately, we do not have any openings for Principals at this time.

Principal Inquiry

Please email us your name, resume, and contact information, and we will let you know when a position is available.


A Principal at Civic Consulting Alliance has the responsibility to work with public and private sector leaders across the region to understand the biggest challenges and determine the viability of change. Once identified, Principals are responsible for leading a series of projects that, over time, lead to fundamental change in the quality of life in our region. Working with internal staff, public sector clients, and private sector partners, Principals deliver on our promise that the impact CCA delivers is greater than any one firm or even any singe sector can deliver. Principals are responsible for growing the long-term impact of Civic Consulting, consistent with CCA’s mission and values. Principals report directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

Principals have an opportunity to:

  • Lead a program area (e.g. education, economic growth, healthcare, public safety, etc.), working with senior executives in the public and private sectors.
  • Manage a project portfolio of high complexity and scale, with teams consisting of internal staff, client staff and private sector partners.
  • Develop relationships with senior government officials, cultivating an understanding of clients’ agendas and implications for driving change and helping client staff implement recommendations.
  • Manage partnerships with leading private sector firms and companies.
  • Coach colleagues, and at the same time receive mentoring from civic leaders across the region.
  • Serve on the Management and Executive Management teams, setting the future direction of the firm.


Civic Consulting Alliance is seeking an exceptional individual who will demonstrate:

  • Passion for achieving the mission of Civic Consulting Alliance.
  • Ability to work in collaboration with a wide variety of people (public, private, non-profit sectors; Chief Executives, management and line staff) in complex environments.
  • Track record of success in large organizations and ability to get things done in multiple settings.
  • Significant analytic, relationship management and communication skills.
  • Ability to develop relationships with senior government officials, cultivating an understanding of clients’ agendas and implications for driving change and helping client staff implement recommendations.
  • Capacity for acting as a trusted thought partner for client executive on the region’s toughest problems.
  • Ability to develop and inspire people across a range of client, partner/funder and organizational situations.
  • Insights that guide the growth and future of Civic Consulting.
  • Ability to lead senior staff and manage multiple complex projects.

The successful Principal will show high competency in several areas:

  • Client Relationship Management - Ability to build/develop strong and lasting client relationships based upon impactful delivery and strong communications.
  • Proven High EQ - Strong abilities around self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Ability to put one’s ego aside in the service of greater regional impact.
  • Hands-on Leader - The proven willingness and ability to actively engage across all levels of an organization from senior executives in city, county, and state government to CEOs and Principals. Interest in building eminence and notoriety for Civic Consulting Alliance through interviews, public speaking, or social media.
  • Mentoring/Team Building - Experience recruiting, growing, and leading a staff with a demonstrated commitment to growing their skills and confidence.
  • Project Management - The ability to link together multiple projects, bringing the right resources at the right time, to create a clear path to impact.
  • Dynamic Communications - Proven skills in gathering consensus, driving change, and effectively communicating across all organizational functions, levels, and outside constituents.
  • Executive Presence - Expresses ideas in a clear and concise manner; tailors message to target audience with the gravitas to deploy talent from the most respected companies in the world in order to drive innovation.
  • Culture Fit - Possesses the personal and professional qualities/attributes that align with the passion and mission of Civic Consulting Alliance. Focus on flexibility, entrepreneurialism, practical leadership, and a strong bias toward action.

For more information about the Principal position, please see our detailed role specification.

For information on Civic Consulting Alliance's interview process and tips on how to prepare, please visit our Interview Preparation page here.