Working with the most senior civic and business leaders to tackle the most complex problems is all in a day’s work for Principals at Civic Consulting Alliance.

Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, Principals lead large programs and multiple teams to deliver value to public sector initiatives. As a Principal, you also lead one of Civic Consulting's program areas, such as education, economic vitality, healthcare and criminal justice. This means you are seen throughout the region as a thought leader and go-to resource for public, nonprofit and private sector stakeholders.

As a Principal, you set the overarching strategy of your program area and develop relationships with senior government officials, cultivating an understanding of clients’ agendas and implications for driving change, as well as helping client staff implement recommendations. You link together multiple projects, bringing the right resources at the right time, to create a clear path to impact.

As a Principal, you serve on the Executive Management team of Civic Consulting Alliance and play a central role in the future direction of the firm. You are part of the core group of mentors to the entire staff, helping teams break down strategies into actionable projects and helping all staff chart their own professional paths.

For more information about the Principal position, please see our detailed role specification.

I wanted to be a part of something that mattered – something bigger than me or a paycheck or a quarterly return – while still growing professionally. Being a part of Civic Consulting Alliance has exceeded my expectations.

Stephanie Dolan

Principal, Civic Consulting Alliance