Program Assistant

Program Assistant

The Program Assistant role at Civic Consulting Alliance provides an extraordinary opportunity for professional growth and skill building. Our Program Assistants are primarily focused on internal initiatives that provide day-to-day access to the most senior members of the organization on the most important business at hand.

As a Program Assistant, you typically have at least a high school degree and a few years of professional experience. You are enthusiastic, smart, well organized and contribute a great deal to the ongoing vitality of the organization.

Program Assistants provide critical administrative support to our Principals, such as managing calendars and developing communications. You also lead important internal initiatives, such as fundraising, organizing events and implementing new technology in the organization.

Like Analysts, Program Assistants receive comprehensive training on business and consulting skills. For example, in the first month on the job, you receive 20 hours of formal training in project management, consulting methodology, analytics and other core competencies.

High performing Program Assistants are on a path to promotion to Senior Program Assistant

Civic Consulting Alliance’s way of thinking about things is incredibly valuable. The skills you learn – like scoping, project management, and client relationship building – are ones that you can take anywhere.

Stuart Henige

‎MPH Candidate at the Harvard School of Public Health

Former Civic Consulting Program Assistant