Mayoral committee recommends priorities in public engagement, economic growth and

In April, Mayor Emanuel asked a committee composed of 10 government, business, and community leaders from across Chicago's civic landscape to engage on the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the city. The Mayor accepted the committee's report on priority policy recommendations on August 17th. The report identifies 18 recommendations in 3 priority areas: community engagement, economic growth in neighborhoods, and the reach of pre-kindergarten (pre-K) education.

The report's recommendations include:

  • Building a neighborhood ambassadors network across the city
  • Strengthening the City's engagement with youth
  • Engaging communities in local economic planning
  • Using targeted tax incentives to attract businesses to emerging communities
  • Strengthening coordination of workforce development programs
  • Developing a plan for providing full-day pre-K to every 4-year-old in need

With the support of Civic Consulting Alliance and pro bono partners M.A. Rood Company and Bacon Volpe Communications, the resulting recommendations represent a collaborative effort that also engaged Chicago residents, including community, youth, faith, and business leaders.

This was a truly rewarding experience - to watch the future of our city as it takes shape. Seeing the commitment of CCA and the committee members at work on this important project helps you understand what a great city - and a great governing team - we have.

Mary Ann Rood


M.A. Rood Company