Strategic Planning Into Action at the State's Attorney's Office

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx came into office in January with the promotion of public safety as the centerpiece of her agenda. That has remained her focus during her first year in office. Building on an initial phase of strategic planning work, CCA and pro bono partners helped the State's Attorney's team to implement several specific projects.

The State's Attorney Office (SAO) has reallocated its prosecutorial resources through the creation of a Homicide and Gangs Unit, giving prosecutors more continuity and control in their work. Complementary to that effort is the SAO's expanded use of pathways to deferred prosecution and alternative sentencing for those accused of less serious crimes. The pathways work, supported by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, serves the interests of both public safety and justice by offering opportunities for rehabilitation. Along with these direct operational changes, the State's Attorney's Office has developed a performance management system and leadership strategy, with support from KPMG, and an employee evaluation system to help the SAO define decision rights, with support from Deloitte.

The many changes underway at the SAO underscore the value of a strategic plan when it comes time to set priorities and manage change on multiple fronts. "Civic Consulting Alliance and its pro bono partners have been valued collaborators with my team since I was elected," notes State's Attorney Foxx. "With their help in strategic planning and then in the implementation of the plan, our innovations are more likely to be both effective and durable."

"With the help of Civic Consulting Alliance and its pro bono partners, our innovations are more likely to be both effective and durable."

Kim Foxx

State's Attorney

Cook County