Supporting working families

Supporting working families

Across the nation, cities are in the midst of a conversation about the implications of our evolving economy. In our region, for example, three-quarters of job growth over the past nine years has been in jobs that pay less than $32,000 annually. Many of these jobs also lack stability in terms of schedules or hours, or lack benefits such as paid sick leave.

This month, the Working Families Task Force, with support from Civic Consulting Alliance, released its report.

The task force --- comprised of elected officials, business owners, business association representatives, academics, and representatives of organized labor --- suggested policy best practices for paid sick leave, scheduling practices, and other ways to provide working families with greater stability. To support the effort, Civic Consulting provided economic analysis and managed the process to ensure the independent task force heard from and took into account input from a wide range of voices, including employers of all types, economists, advocates, workers, and others.

Civic Consulting was invaluable in making sure the Task Force's recommendations are based in economic reality and supported by a wide variety of stakeholders

Amaya Pawar


47th Ward