Transitioning a vision into reality in the State’s Attorney’s Office

Transitioning a vision into reality in the State's Attorney's Office

Kim Foxx took office as the new State's Attorney at a critical time for justice in Cook County. About a dozen neighborhoods are suffering from a staggering level of gun violence, and the public's faith in the criminal justice system has been deteriorating. Following her election, State's Attorney Foxx laid out a vision to promote public safety by seeking justice in every case, improving collaboration, promoting accountability, and increasing transparency. To help translate that vision into a plan of action, the State's Attorney looked to the support of Civic Consulting Alliance and its pro bono partners, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Deloitte.

To make her vision actionable, the Civic Consulting / BCG team worked with the new State's Attorney's team to prioritize initiatives, then created goals, metrics, and change plans for each initiative. "With strategic priorities and change plans in hand, State's Attorney Foxx and her team are poised to make a real, lasting impact on public safety in a short period of time," said Michelle Stohlmeyer Russell, Senior Partner and Managing Director at BCG.

Meanwhile, a separate Civic Consulting / Deloitte team focused on change management. They defined decision rights for the leadership team and conducted an employee survey to identify opportunities to build employee engagement.

With a strategic plan and change management structure in place, State's Attorney Foxx and her team have the tools to turn her campaign vision into a reality.

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Civic Consulting and their partners have proved invaluable over the course of our transition. I know we are better positioned now to execute on our vision of promoting public safety and justice within Cook County.

Kim Foxx

Cook County State's Attorney