Community and Neighborhood Change

Community and Neighborhood Change

Great cities leave no community behind.

No issue exists in isolation from its context, and no neighborhood thrives disconnected from the broader regional economy.

Our vision is to ensure that all communities and neighborhoods participate in the vitality of the region. To that end, we focus on:

  • Developing systemic solutions that recognize the connections and leverage-points among different issue areas and organizations
  • Creating new connections between civic organizations, public sector agencies and departments, neighborhoods, communities to enhance understanding of challenges and co-create and implement solutions
  • Enhancing trust among communities and institutions throughout the city
Anchoring health and wellness on Chicago's West Side

On average, a resident of West Garfield Park has a life expectancy 16 years shorter than a resident of the Loop. This gap is caused by disparities that reach beyond the doctor's office and into the broader social determinants of health, such as employment, safety, and education. See More

Civic Consulting has a unique ability to understand the needs of our neighborhoods and mobilize sophisticated pro bono partners who can help organizations like Rush move the needle and improve outcomes.

Larry Goodman


Rush University Medical Center