Kepler Consulting

Kepler Consulting

Kepler is a consulting firm specializing in operational profit margin optimization. Their areas of specialty include Innovation, Procurement, Supply Chain, and Operations.

Innovation is an ongoing journey that is crucial towards maintaining a company’s sustainable development. In order to create a competitive and sustainable advantage, it’s imperative that company develop an environment that is favorable towards the emergence of tomorrow’s products and services.

There are many challenges brought about by the procurement process. Developing savings opportunities is the cornerstone of all Kepler's efforts, but other areas, i.e. increasing gross revenue, market intelligence, localizing material purchases, building strategic partnerships, minimizing risk, etc. are key factors as well. Kepler brings personalized expertise, enhanced by advanced practices, to each one of these elements.

Enhancing Supply Chain is at the heart of the corporate challenge, i.e. balancing materials and product flows with optimal pricing, quality, and delivery expectations — from increasingly demanding customers.

Optimizing operations entails working on the physical material flow (from raw materials to the finished product), the information flow and on the employees flow. Kepler's experts work with you to transform your operations by beginning with the right projects.