We multiply our partners’ investments to deliver impact no individual partner or sector can on its own.

Our many, diverse partners

Redefining pro bono partnership

We partner with the region’s top firms and corporations who see the importance of contributing their expertise, pro bono, to serve a greater good. All share a desire for their efforts to make a difference. All share a priority to develop and retain their own talented people. All share the reputational benefit of participating in Civic Consulting Alliance’s unique public-private partnership model.
Investments like this are how our firm shows its commitment to the community – and it seems like every Bain associate wants to be on Civic Consulting projects.

Jim Rectin

Former Partner, Bain & Company

Fellowship opportunities

A fellowship at Civic Consulting Alliance is a great professional development opportunity for top performers. Fellows are part of something exciting and meaningful, work on projects of consequence and interact with some of the top leaders in the region.
For me, Civic Consulting Alliance was like an internship on steroids. It’s that kind of rigor...It’s about gaining experience you can leverage in your future career.

Rose Fealy

CFO and Director of Finance

and Administration,

Museum of Science and Industry

Former Civic Consulting Executive Fellow

Fellowship Programs

Leveraging funder investments

Our funders are local and national organizations who care about maximizing the impact of their donations. With Civic Consulting Alliance, they get leverage—a threefold increase in investment in services for every dollar they invest—and they see progress in the issues they care about. In real numbers. In positive trends. In lives changed for the better.
Our impact is amplified by partners like Civic Consulting that have the frontline relationships and confidence of government leaders to deliver quality services that make a real and lasting difference.

Terry Mazany

President and CEO,

Chicago Community Trust

Our Funders

Working with local nonprofits

The involvement of local nonprofit organizations is critical to fully understanding issues as well as developing and implementing the right solutions to address them. Civic Consulting Alliance has collaborated with hundreds of organizations over the years to optimize impact at the grass-roots level.
My experience at Civic Consulting showed me that there is the opportunity to make a difference. And that no matter where you are operating in Chicago, you can have an impact.

Allison McHenry

former Managing Director,

A Better Chicago

Nonprofits we have worked with

Our clients: visionary and committed

We have close relationships with local and state government leaders, people with the vision, commitment and political will to take action to improve life for their constituents. We are candid with our clients and hold our conversations in strictest confidence. We help our clients see the big picture in a job that bombards them with daily challenges and emergencies; we help them focus on the longer term in a world obsessed with immediate gratification.
I greatly value the partnership between Civic Consulting Alliance and Cook County. Civic Consulting's expertise and ability to link the County with pro bono resources has allowed us to set an ambitious vision of transforming Cook County into the best-run county in the country.

Toni Preckwinkle


Cook County Board

Our Clients