Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

We designed Civic Consulting Alliance's interview process to help us get to know each other. Here's what you can expect:


Our interview process varies by position, but all interview candidates participate in one or more behavioral interviews. This conversational interview helps us learn more about your background and experiences. We will ask questions to better understand your motivations for pursuing a career in social change and your passion for the Chicago region. We are also interested in hearing about your experiences leading efforts and making a tangible impact, in any context (e.g., personal or professional). This interview is also your chance to ask questions about working at Civic Consulting Alliance, including your interviewers’ experiences.


All interview candidates applying to client-facing consulting roles (Analyst, Senior Associate, and Associate Principal) also participate in problem-solving consulting case interviews. Based on actual Civic Consulting Alliance projects, case interviews provide a mutually beneficial opportunity for us to see how you approach problems while you become familiar with our work.

Working with your interviewer, you’ll analyze a case study based on a past Civic Consulting Alliance project, and you’ll develop solutions to the client challenge that it poses. Often, there are no right or wrong answers; instead, we seek to understand how you respond to complex and ambiguous problems, the thought process you follow, and how you effectively communicate your recommendations.

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with consulting case interviews and practice at least a few cases prior to your interview. This downloadable document includes a detailed description of the case interview, an overview of a number of preparation resources, and a sample Civic Consulting Alliance case study that we have used for interviews in the past.

In addition to our case interview preparation document (see link above), below are some helpful resources to assist you in preparing for your case interviews: