Your Work

Your Work

At Civic Consulting Alliance, you will tackle the most important and challenging issues facing our region. You will be involved in large-scale efforts that make a lasting improvement for our region – meaning better education, safer streets, healthier communities and an economy that works for everyone.

Along the way, you will discover the power of collaboration to get big things done. You will work with some of the most talented and respected leaders from governments, corporations, foundations and nonprofits. You will find mentors and a support structure that provides you the tools to help reach your full potential.

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We work across all types of urban policy issues. If you’re interested in a government or public sector career, the exposure that you get in this office is unparalleled.

Daniel Comeaux

Associate, Former Analyst, Civic Consulting Alliance

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You have a chance to fix broken systems. Our work gets down to the heart of what’s broken, rather than using band-aids to temporarily address the problem.

Brian Battle

Principal, Civic Consulting Alliance

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Because of how closely we work with the public, private, and non-profit sectors, we have a unique lens into the different gears in the box – we are able to understand the civic landscape differently.

Sara Wasserteil

Associate, Former Summer Associate, Civic Consulting Alliance

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You’re working on things that matter. There’s a lot at stake. It’s fast paced and it’s intellectually very challenging.

Wally Hilke

Former Analyst and Associate Civic Consulting Alliance

We set high expectations for our staff and give them big responsibilities. But with expectation and responsibility comes opportunity.

This is the kind of work where leaders grow. Because of our unique scope and access, we have become an incubator for new leaders throughout the region.

of our projects

Every project is different, but below are a few examples of past projects to give you a feel for the variety of work you may undertake at our firm.