Other Fellowship Opportunities

A Fellowship at Civic Consulting is a great professional development opportunity for top performers. Our Fellows tend to advance quickly in their companies, moving on to do great things after their fellowship. Fellowships with Civic Consulting have a positive impact on the sponsoring firms. A Fellowship program with Civic Consulting will:

  • Enhance employee retention
  • Develop employee’s leadership
  • Deepen the firm’s connection with civic leadership in Chicago

If you would like your firm to sponsor you as a Fellow with the Civic Consulting Alliance, we can help you make that happen. Please have your CEO, or person with authority to develop a Fellowship program with Civic Consulting, contact Destiny Ortega.

For more information, read our full Fellowship Packet.

Civic Consulting Alliance projects are always among the most sought-after in Bain's Chicago office. Working with such talented, passionate, and engaging people has been rewarding both for me and the people on my teams. The work is important to our community, and it makes a difference!

Keith Bevans

Partner, Bain & Company