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The future of our city, region and state depends on real progress in our four program areas: education, public safety, healthcare and economic growth. The Civic Consulting Alliance model connects the private and public sectors to solve problems and capture opportunities in these areas at no cost to taxpayers. There are no quick fixes – many of our projects are structured into multiple phases with long-term goals that take years to achieve.
Cook County Jail launches new risk
assessment tool

Nearly three-fourths of the men and women in Cook County Jail are behind bars for nonviolent crimes. Many could be safely released, but they remain in detention because they can't afford to post bond. Read More

The recent reduction in Cook County's jail population is an early sign of what can happen when leaders come to the table and work together.

Justice Anne Burke

Illinois Supreme Court

We grow civic leaders.

Our impact extends beyond the outcomes we accomplish in our program areas – it is multiplied by the leaders who grow through working with us. Individuals in our partners’ pro bono teams and those who work in-house at Civic Consulting Alliance work closely with high-level government officials to form a deep understanding of a given issue and develop plans to address them. This is more than valuable experience – it often inspires a lifelong passion for service that impacts Chicago long past the end of an individual project.
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