Our Work

What makes a city great?
Good jobsQuality education. Safe streets. Accessible healthcare.

Civic Consulting Alliance tackles all of these issues, and more.

We recruit and deploy talent from the most respected companies in the world to drive innovation. We work with government leaders who are committed to solving complex problems and support them in planning for and implementing large-scale change.
We think big.  Civic Consulting Alliance takes on projects with the potential to make a meaningful difference.
We work together.  When a government leader collaborates with us on an important issue, we help structure the approach and coordinate the support necessary to enact change.
We deliver results.  We choose the projects that matter the most to our region and where we have the ability to affect change.  Individual, short-term projects are usually insufficient. We manage a coordinated series of projects – bringing the right resources at the right time to drive change. 

Our goals are:

Economic Growth
A global center for talent, capital, and enterprise

Become the most educated big city in the nation

Greenest city in the nation

Improved health outcomes for underserved residents while creating a financially sustainable system

Public Safety
Make Chicago the safest big city in America

First-rate system for people and goods


View all of our projects here.