Our Work

We think big.  Civic Consulting Alliance takes on projects with the potential to make a big difference in our region.

We work together.  When a government leader takes on a big issue, and wants to collaborate, we help structure the approach and bring a series of private sector experts at no charge to the taxpayer.

We deliver results.  We choose the projects that matter the most to our region and where we have the ability to effect change.  Individual, short-term projects are usually insufficient; over time, we manage a coordinated series of projects -- to find workable and enduring solutions that deliver tangible results.

Our goals are:

Economic Growth
A global center for talent, capital, and enterprise

Most educated big city in the nation

Greenest city in the nation

Improved health outcomes for underserved residents while creating a financially sustainable system

Public Safety
Safest big city in America

First-rate system for people and goods

Workforce Development

Globally competitive workforce

As the issues facing our region evolve, our investment in each of the above areas changes accordingly.