EY and Civic Consulting Alliance have collaborated on more than 10 projects since 2009, providing millions of dollars in pro bono value to public sector clients. In recent years, a Vice President and a Consultant from EY each spent several months as part of Civic Consulting's team as externs, capturing a unique opportunity to build public-sector consulting expertise while making a tangible difference in the city.

Specifically, the EY externs participated in projects addressing regional transportation and public safety, including:

  • Defined framework to guide operations of the revamped Chicago Infrastructure Trust, including criteria to select projects
  • Defined the Chicago Police Department’s 2017 framework for reform and provided broad program management support for the Department in executing its wide-ranging reform efforts

For more information, read our Fellowship Packet or contact Civic Consulting Alliance Principal Antonio Benecchi.

By working with Civic Consulting, I was provided a unique opportunity to make a difference in the CIT's ability to fulfill its potential.

Tom Budescu

Vice President,

U.S. Infrastructure Advisory


Former Civic Consulting EY Fellow

Past Fellows

Melissa Maggart

“Working with senior decision-makers as well as direct, hands-on public safety officials gave me a unique insight into police accountability and the great number of stakeholders involved in making our city safe and peaceful for all residents. I know this perspective will be valuable as I return to EY.”

Tom Budescu

“By working with Civic Consulting Alliance, I was provided a unique opportunity to make a difference in the CIT's ability to fulfill its potential.”

Getting an insider's perspective: An externship with Civic Consulting

Tom Budescu joined Civic Consulting Alliance as an extern from EY. At EY, Tom is a Vice President with its US infrastructure advisory group. Tom's subject matter expertise, coupled with the management consulting capabilities of Civic Consulting, resulted in an ideal pairing... Read More